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Developing Tomorrow's Future

Religious Education

As a school we understand that the fullness of life is to be found when Christ is at the centre of our lives. Our vision is rooted in the strength and guidance we receive from Christ at our core.


‘The quality of pupils’ learning and progress in religious education is outstanding’. Diocese of Brentwood RE Inspection Report December 2015


Communication, Language and Literacy

We inspire children to develop a joy of reading. Through reading and writing the power of imagination and critical thought are developed. We instil confidence to prepare children for the challenges of their future.


Children learn with real understanding when they are actively involved in mathematical experiences. We enable childen to develop the necessary attributes to form concepts, develop skills, learn facts and acquire strategies for investigating and solving problems.


To discover is to ask questions, explore, share ideas, make predictions and test hypotheses. Children are supported to find answers, identify patterns and relationships and understand and the beauty and wonder of the world around them.


We empower children as learners by building good ICT skills and using these to enhance all areas of our curriculum.


Through geography we aim to reflect the beauty of creation through the study of people, places and cultures.
Through history we support children to understand and reflect upon the experiences of others and to reach beyond their own knowledge, experience and imaginings. We encourage pupils to search for the truth, to think impartially and empathise with others.

Physical Education

Physical education is crucial to health, fitness and well-being. It builds strength, maintains mobility, challenges body and mind and helps each child to have confidence in their capabilities. Success in physical education enhances achievement in other areas of learning. It builds self-esteem, motivation, co-operation and concentration and forms an important part of a balanced curriculum.